Saturday, May 15

Nonlinear Equations/Modeling and PDEs I

3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Room: Savannah 1
Chair: NewColleen Kirk, Northwestern University.

Cancelled 3:30-3:42 Renormalization and Scaling Methods for Nonlinear Parabolic Systems
Gunduz Caginalp, University of Pittsburgh
3:45-3:57 Steady-State Solutions for an Electro-Chemical System with Nonlinear Diffusion
Weifu Fang, West Virginia University; and Kazufumi Ito, North Carolina State University
Cancelled 4:00-4:12 An Efficient High Order Algorithm for Solving Reaction Diffusion Equations in Three-Dimensional Domains
Lilun Cao and Jianping Zhu, Mississippi State University
4:15-4:27 Transformation and Structure of Sampling Theorems
Peter A. McCoy, U.S. Naval Academy
4:30-4:42 The Influence of Two Moving Heat Sources on Blow-up in a Reactive-Diffusive Medium
Colleen Kirk and W. E. Olmstead, Northwestern University
4:45-4:57 Control of Plasma Turbulence in Tokamaks
Ibere L. Caldas, Maria Vittoria A.P. Heller, Elton C. Silva, Raul. M. Castro, and Zoezer A. Brasílio, University of São Paulo, Brazil
5:00-5:12 An Analytical Solution of A Class of Volterra Integral Equations and Its Application in Solving Differential Equations
Liqiu Wang, University of Hong Kong, People's Republic of China
New 5:15-5:27 Two-Dimensional Heat Equation Involving Multidimensional Laplace Transforms and Green's Function
R. S. Dahiya, Iowa State University
Updated5:30-5:42 The Intelligent Control on the Two-Dimensional Trajectory Accuracy for Robot
Li Ying Zi, Luoyang Institute of Technology, Luoyang City, People's Republic of China

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