AN99 Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic program. Updates will be added as they become available.

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CP5/Wed, May 12/10:45 AM

M. Maesumi cancelled

MS52/Fri, May 14/4:45 PM

M. Habib replaced by C. Savage

PS/Thurs, May 13/7:00 PM

J. V. da Fonseca Neto cancelled

CP12/Sat, May 15/5:00 PM

D. Scott Stewart cancelled


CP3/Wed, May 12/9:45 AM

E. Steffen cancelled

MS19/Thurs, May 13/11:45 AM

A. Trefethen's title added

CP10/Sat, May 15/4:00 PM

J. Zhu cancelled


CP2/Wed, May 12/10:45 AM

L. Bahar cancelled

PS/Thurs, May 13/7:00 PM

A. Facius added


MS66/Sat, May 15/10:30 AM

Session cancelled

MS59/Frid, May 14/4:15 PM

A. Royal cancelled
P. Gremaud moved to MS47
M. Alam added
L. Kondic added

MS47/Frid, May 14/10:30 AM

B. Hayes cancelled
P. Gremaud added
M. Shearer added


MS9/Wed, May 12/4:00 PM

H. Rasmussen's title changed

MS57/Frid, May 14/4:15 PM

C. Moler time changed
T. Bryan added


CP4/Wed, May 12/10:00 AM

L. Borges added


CP10/Sat, May 15/3:30 PM

C. Kirk added as chair

IP5/Sat., May 15/8:15 AM

S. Friedlander moved to 12:30 PM-1:15 PM

MS9/Wed, May 12/4:00 PM

H. Rasmussen added as speaker


MS29/Thurs, May 13/3:45 PM

Speakers updated

Diversity Workshop/Wed, May 12/10:30 AM

B. Jeff title added


CP12/Sat, May 15/3:45 PM

N. Pierce cancelled

CP2/Wed, May 12/10:00 AM

J. F. Bonnans cancelled

CP5/Wed, May 12/10:15 AM

C. Yang cancelled

CP3/Wed, May 12/9:15 AM

G. Sampath cancelled


CP8/Sat, May 15/4:00 PM

L. Li cancelled

E-mail access now offered

MS58/Frid, May 14/5:45 PM

T. J. Healey's title added

CP10/Sat, May 15/3:30 PM

G. Caginalp cancelled

MS27/Frid, May 14/11:00 AM

D. Howell't title added

Diversity Workshop/Wed, May 12/9:00 AM

C. Hardnett's title added

CP3/Wed, May 12/10:30 AM

D. Burgarelli cancelled


MS25/Thur, May 13/5:15 PM

R. A. Zalik's title & author list udpated

MS66/Sat, May 15/11:00 AM

D. Horner cancelled

MS47/Fri, May 14/11:30 AM

J. Peters cancelled

MS16/Thur, May 13/10:45 AM

Session talks reordered

CP13/Sat, May 15/4:15 PM

M.A. Aziz Alaoui title updated


CP6/Wed, May 12

M.Q. Chen added to chair
D.B. Szyld moved to CP5, 11:00 AM

CP8/Sat, May 15/5:00 PM

F. Dubeau cancelled


MS16/Thur, May 13

P. Milewski cancelled
J.T. Kiby's title added

MS25/Thur, May 13/5:15 PM

R. Zalik added


CP14/Sat, May 15/3:45 PM

M. Olufsen cancelled


PS/Thurs, May 13/7:00 PM

J. V. da Fonseco Neto changed to speaker
G. Yanev cancelled

MS63/Sat, May 15/11:00 AM

V. Kreinovich cancelled


PS/Thurs, May 13/7:00 PM

L. Smolka cancelled

MS9/Wed, May 12/5:00 PM

J. Keyser is now the speaker

MS33/Thurs, May 13

N. Pitsianis & J. Kamm talks switched

MS71/Sat, May 15/11:30 AM

C. Sabatti's title/co-authors updated

Diversity Workshop/Wed, May 12/5:00 PM

V. Martin's title updated

Student Paper Prize/Wed, May 12/2:15 PM

Winners announced

MS50/Frid, May 14/4:15 PM

S. Menon's title changed

MS42/Frid, May 14/11:30 AM

I. S. Dhillon cancelled
T. Kapitula added

PS/Thurs, May 13/7:00 PM

R. Luke cancelled

CP15/Sat, May 15/3:45 PM

S. de Vries cancelled

Grad. Student PS/Thur, May 13/7:00 PM

A. Sopasakis added

MS19/Thurs, May 13/11:15 AM

V. Eijkhout's title changed

AWM PS/Frid, May 14/12:30 PM

E. W. Jenkins' title changed

MS6/Wed, May 12/4:00 PM

R. Vandervorst's title added

MS18/Thur, May 13/11:45 AM

R. Bramley changed to speaker


Diversity Workshop/Wed, May 12/8:00 AM

Program added

MS71/Sat, May 15/12:00 PM

F. Bunea added

MS28/Thur, May 13/4:45 PM

I. H. Herron's title updated

CP9/Sat, May 15/4:00 PM

C. Cossu cancelled

MS10/Wed, May 12/4:00 PM

Title/authors updated

MS16/Thur, May 13/11:15 AM

Title/authors updated

PS/Thurs, May 13/7:00 PM

M. Nayakkankuppam cancelled

CP1/Wed, May 12/10:45 & 11:00 AM

E. N. Gordeev cancelled
V. K. Leontev cancelled

MS28/Thur, May 13/5:15 PM

N. Walker title changed

MS10/Wed, May 12/5:00 PM

Title & authors updated

CP16/Sat, May 15/4:15 PM

M. I. Dorta-Gonzalez changed to speaker

CP3/Wed, May 12/10:45 AM

C. Hernandez-Goya changed to speaker


CP2/Wed, May 12/10:30 AM

H. Zadani added

CP12/Sat, May 15/4:45 PM

W. Kramer added

CP11/Sat, May 15/5:00 PM

Y-L. Chiang added

CP3/Wed, May 12/10:45 AM

P. Caballero-Gil added

CP16/Sat, May 15/4:15 PM

P. Caballero-Gil added

CP2/Wed, May 12/10:45 AM

L. Y. Bahar added

CP10/Saturday, May 15/5:15 PM

R.S. Dahiya added
Li Ying Zi changed to 5:30 PM

CP12/Sat, May 15/5:00 PM & 5:15 PM

D.S. Stewart added
B. Mukherjee added

CP1/Wed, May 12

L.G. de Pillis added
D.P. Bertsekas added
P. Daripa added

PS/Thur, May 13/7:00 PM

3rd poster topic added: Advances in the Applications of Mathematics and Computation in Chemical Engineering

Mathematics Teachers Day/Fri, May 14

Kathy Coyne added to Minisymposium on K-6 Exemplary Math Curriculum Implementation Support: A Triangular Partnership Model

CP9/Sat, May 15/5:30 PM

D. Frydrych cancelled

CP11/Sat, May 15/5:15 PM

H. Cheng Added

MS59/Fri, May 14/4:45 PM

Title & co-author added

AWM Workshop/May 12-14

AWM program added

MS23/Thur, May 13/10:45 AM

Session titles and speakers updated

MS38/Frid, May 14/10:30 AM

J. L. Menaldi added as co-author

MS36/Thur, May 13/3:45 PM

Entire session updated

MS35/Thur, May 13/3:45 PM

AWM minisymposium combined with MS48.

MS47/Frid, May 14/10:30 AM

D. Schaeffer's title changed

MS48/Frid, May 14/10:30 AM

Entire session updated

MS71/Sat, May 15/11:00 AM

M. Huber's title changed

MS29/Thurs., May 13/3:45 PM

M. Stadtherr 's title added


CP4/Wed., May 12/9:30 AM

R. Zapert's title changed


MS65/Sat, May 15/12:00 PM

S. Manservisi cancelled


MS16/Thurs, May 13/12:15 PM

M. Haragus-Courcelle added as co-author


MS23/Thurs, May 13/10:45 AM

I. Beichl cancelled


MS33/Thurs, May 13/3:45 PM

Session talk titles/authors updated

CP8/Sat, May 15/3:45 PM

O. M. Nielsen cancelled

CP9/Sat, May 15/4:15 PM

S. Daigo added as speaker

MS11/Thurs, May 13/12:45 PM

W. M. Mullins added as 5th speaker


PS/Thurs, May 13/7:00 PM

P. Park cancelled

IP3/Friday, May 14/2:00 PM

C. Johnson's title changed


MS69/Sat, May 15/11:00 AM

T. Chou's title changed


MS72/Sat., May 15/10:30 AM

G. W. Stewart's title changed

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