Wednesday, May 12

High Performance Computing (Parallel)

9:00 AM-10:00 AM
Room: Atlanta 2
Chair: Kendall Atkinson, University of Iowa

9:00-9:12 A Fast Matrix-Vector Multiplication Method For Solving the Radiosity Equation
Kendall Atkinson, University of Iowa; and David Chien, California State University, San Marcos
9:15-9:27 Scalability Made Simple: OpenMP Parallel Implementations of Gaussian LU Decomposition
George Delic, Lockheed Martin Services, Inc.
9:30-9:42 UpdatedHigh Performance Simulation of Complex Adaptive Systems
Radoslaw Zapert and Huanrui Hu, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
9:45-9:57 A Provably Efficient, Distribution-Independent Parallel N-Body Algorithm
Fatih E. Sevilgen, Syracuse University; Srinivas Aluru, New Mexico State University; and Natsuhiko Futamura, Syracuse University
10:00-10:12 NewA Fast Parallel Algorithm for Singular Integral Transforms
Leonardo Borges and Prabir Daripa, Texas A&M University

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