Friday, May 14

Past President's Address:
Beyond Simulation -- Computing Dynamical Systems

8:30 AM-9:00 AM
Room: Capitol Center/South
Chair: Gilbert Strang, SIAM President, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dynamical systems theory provides a mathematical framework for the investigation of computer simulations. It highlights important qualitative phenomena that are found in broad classes of models and physical systems. The theory has been a valuable tool for the interpretation of numerical simulations and observational data. Transformation of the theory into algorithms is now providing additional tools that enable us to obtain more information and insight from model systems. Research to produce these algorithms marries the geometric methods of dynamical systems theory with numerical analysis. In this presentation, the speaker will survey algorithms beyond numerical integration that are used to study dynamical systems, emphasizing the interplay of geometry and numerical analysis.

John Guckenheimer
Center for Applied Mathematics
Cornell University

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