Friday, May 14


UpdatedInteractive Simulation and Visualization: Applications to Large-Scale Computational Problems

2:00 PM-2:45 PM
Room: Capitol Center/South
Chair: Michael W. Berry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

In this presentation, the speaker will present the SCIRun problem solving environment as applied to large-scale computational problems in science, engineering, and medicine. SCIRun is a scientific programming environment that allows the interactive construction, debugging and steering of large-scale scientific computations. Using this "computational workbench," a scientist can design and modify simulations interactively via a visual programming environment. With SCIRun, scientists can automatically change parameters associated with a particular numerical method, boundary conditions or even the geometric structure of the computational mesh. As opposed to the typical "off-line" simulation mode - in which the scientist manually sets input parameters, computes results, visualizes the results via a separate visualization package, then starts again at the beginning - SCIRun "closes the loop" and allows interactive steering of the design, computation, and visualization phases of the simulation. He will provide examples of several driving applications of steering and interactive visualization in engineering (adaptive methods for CFD, reservoir simulation, and combustion) and medicine (cardiology, neuroscience, and imaging).

Christopher R. Johnson
Center for Scientific Computing and Imaging
Department of Computer Science
University of Utah

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