Thursday, May 13

Complex Flows: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation - Part II of III

(For description, see Part I, MS5; for Part III, see MS51)

10:45 AM-12:45 PM
Room: Atlanta 5

Organizers: A. J. Meir and Paul G. Schmidt
Auburn University

10:45-11:10 Undercompressive Shock Waves in Thin Film Flows
Michael Shearer, North Carolina State University
11:15-11:40 About Some Evolution Problems from Magneto-Hydrodynamics
Gerhard Strohmer, University of Iowa
11:45-12:10 MHD Flow Phenomena in Liquid-Metal Processing
Paul G. Schmidt, Organizer
12:15-12:40 Numerical Simulation of Liquid-Metal MHD Flows
A. J. Meirand Paul G. Schmidt, Organizers

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