Thursday, May 13

Multidimensional Water-Wave Dynamics

10:45 AM-12:45 PM
Room: Savannah 3

Progress in understanding water wave phenomena involves theory, computation, and experiment. The speakers will discuss all three in the context of wave dynamics in shallow water. They will describe the role of waves in generating transport, the influence of bottom topography on dynamics, patterns of traveling and standing waves, damping mechanisms, and related issues.

Organizer: Robert L. Pego
University of Maryland, College Park

Cancelled 10:45-11:10 Effects of a Varying Bottom on Nonlinear Surface Waves
Paul Milewski, University of Wisconsin, Madison
10:45-11:10 NewBeyond Boussinesq: Extended Treatments of Dispersion and Nonlinearity in Practical Nearshore Wave Models
James T. Kirby, University of Delaware
11:15-11:40 UpdatedStability of Solutions to Arbitrary Data for the Benjamin Equation
Juan M. Restrepo, University of Arizona; and James M. Hyman, Los Alamos National Laboratory
11:45-12:10 Spatial Wave Dynamics of Steady Oblique Wave Interactions
UpdatedMariana Haragus-Courcelle, Universität Stuttgart, Germany; and Robert L. Pego, Organizer

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