Friday, May 14

Java and Numerical Methods

(Invited Minisymposium)

4:15 PM-6:15 PM
Room: Capitol North

With the proliferation of Java on the internet, in education, and in software development, it is a natural question to ask how appropriate this platform is for developing numerical and scientific software. Should we be developing our new codes in Java? Various experts from industry and research report on the issues, including developing Java numerical libraries, IEEE floating point implementations, optimization and performance strategies, and standardization efforts for basic numeric classes, together with the overall impact of Java on the numerical community.

Organizer: Roldan Pozo
National Institute of Standards and Technology

4:15-4:40 Issues in Java Numerical Computing
Roldan Pozo, Organizer
4:45-4:57 UpdatedJAMA: Java Matrix Class Library
Cleve Moler, The MathWorks, Inc.
5:00-5:12 UpdatedQuantized Filter Design Toolbox
Tom Bryan, The MathWorks, Inc.
5:15-5:40 Numerical Libraries in Java
John Brophy, Visual Numerics, Inc.
5:45-6:10 Java Numerics at Sun Microsystems
Siamak Hassanzadeh, Sun Microsystems

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