Wednesday, May 12

Applications of Computer Algebra in Industry

(Invited Minisymposium)

4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Room: Capitol Center

Scientists have for many years used computers in their research, mainly for numerical calculations. Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) developed over the past thirty years have now reached a level of maturity that makes it feasible to solve many realistic and nontrivial problems encountered in industry through algebraic manipulation of formulae. The minisymposium will focus on the use of computer algebra packages for tackling significant problems involving rather complicated or large volume symbolic calculations, new non-trivial computer-algebra programs implementing mathematical methods widely used in research and industry, and the design of algorithms for the solution of relevant problems in industry.

Organizer: Mohamed Omar Rayes
Texas Instruments Incorporated

4:00-4:25 UpdatedCalculation of Plane Compressible Flows Using Maple
Robert M. Corless and Henning Rasmussen, University of Western Ontario, Canada
4:30-4:55 Formulation of Design Rules and Synthesis of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Coils Using Symbolic Manipulation
M. A. Hussain, General Electric Research and Development Center
5:00-5:25 Efficient and Accurate Computations with Algebraic Numbers for Geometric Applications
Dinesh Manocha and UpdatedJohn Keyser, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
5:30-5:55 Macsyma with Gentran -- An Efficient Analytical Tool
U. Mbanefo, Northrop-Grumman Corporation

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