Monday, May 10

Optimal Design I

3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Room: Atlanta 2
Chair: Layne T. Watson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

3:30-3:45 Nature of Feasible Sets for Multidisciplinary Optimization in Aircraft Design
Chuck A. Baker, Bernard Grossman, Willam H. Mason, and Layne T. Watson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; and Raphael T. Haftka, University of Florida
3:50-4:05 Performance and Scalability of Parallel Reduced SQP for Large-Scale Optimal Design
Omar Ghattas and Ivan Malcevic, Carnegie Mellon University
4:10-4:25 Ships of the Optimum Shape by Direct Numerical
Emilio F.Campana, Daniele Peri, and Michele Rossetti, INSEAN, Rome, Italy
4:30-4:45 Optimization of Chemical Processes Under Uncertainty
Guennadi M. Ostrovski, Luke E. K. Achenie and Yiping Wang, University of Connecticut, Storrs
4:50-5:05 Generalized Semi-Infinite Programming: Re-Entrant Corners and Local Non-Closedness
Oliver Stein, Aachen University of Technology, Germany
5:10-5:25 Conceptual Design Optimization of a Machine Tool Structure
Bi-Chu Wu and Gin-Shu Young, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan
New 5:30-5:45 Global Response Modeling for Constrained Optimization
Paul D. Frank, The Boeing Company

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