OP99 Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic program. Updates will be added as they become available.

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Poster/Mon, May 10/7:30 PM

M. Bronshtein cancelled


CP4/Mon, May 10/3:50 PM

O. Vasilieva cancelled

CP21/Tues, May 11/6:10 PM

S. Ito cancelled

CP24/Wed, May 12/2:50 PM

S. Stefanov cancelled

CP30/Wed, May 12/2:10 PM

I. Egorov cancelled

MS1/Mon, May 10/10:45 AM

Speaker times updated

CP26/Wed, May 12/2:30 PM

T. Vlklands added as speaker


CP23/Wed, May 12/1:30 PM

J. Nocedal added as chair

CP22/Tues, May 11/5:50 PM

E. Andersen cancelled

MS16/Tues, May 11/10:45 AM

J.-M. Peng cancelled
E. Andersen added
T. Terlaky's time changed

CP21/Tues, May 11/7:10 PM

E. Muhamadiev is no longer cancelled

MS17/Tues, May 11/11:45 AM

A. Smola changed to speaker


CP15/Mon, May 10/6:10 PM

J. Braunstein cancelled

CP23/Wed, May 12/1:30 PM

A. Sartenaer cancelled

CP26/Wed, May 12/3:10 PM

L. T. Watson changed to speaker


CP21/Tues, May 11/6:30 PM

G. Montepiedra cancelled

CP17/Tues, May 11/6:30 PM

L. Hongliu cancelled


CP3/Mon, May 10/4:10 PM

K. A. Ariyawansa cancelled

CP10/Mon, May 10/6:10 PM

P. Mahey cancelled

CP24/Wed, May 12/2:10 PM

F. Gomes cancelled

CP28/Wed, May 12/2:10 PM

L. Wynter cancelled


CP31/Wed, May 12/3:30 PM

I. I. Slavov cancelled

MS25/Tues, May 11/4:30 PM

I. Markov changed to speaker


Poster/Mon, May 10/7:30 PM

F. Bosseur cancelled

MS29/Wed, May 12/10:00 AM

A. G. Salinger added as co-author

CP1/Mon, May 10/4:30 PM

R. Plasun changed to speaker


E-mail access now offered


CP31/Wed, May 12/3:10 PM

A. Fursikov cancelled


CP20/Tues, May 11/5:50 PM

X. Chen cancelled

CP16/Tues, May 11/5:50 PM

T. Kronseder changed to speaker

MS29/Wed, May 12/9:00 AM

C.S. Woodward added

CP21/Tues, May 11/7:10 PM

E. Muhamadiev cancelled


CP24/Wed, May 12/2:30 PM

J. Ch. Gilbert cancelled

MS22/Tues, May 11/5:00 PM

Author list updated


CP10/Mon, May 10/7:30 PM

C. Guzner & E. Marchi added

MS5/Mon, May 10/11:15 AM

E. Dolan added as co-author

MS29/Wed, May 12/9:00 AM

D. Knoll cancelled

CP31/Wed, May 12/2:10 PM

T. Filippova cancelled

PS/Mon, May 10/7:00 PM

V. Ivanoov cancelled
S. Blyumin cancelled
I. Tsevendorj cancelled
M. Gusev cancelled
V. Zarubin cancelled

MS4/Mon, May 10/12:15 PM

M.H. Wright's title added

SIAG/OP Prize/Tues, May 11/2:00 PM

Winners announced


PS/Mon, May 10/7:30 PM

V.V. Chistyakov cancelled

MS31/Wed, May 12

9:30 AM & 10:00 AM talks updated

MS17/Tues, May 11/11:15 AM

A. Stam title added

MS18/Tues, May 11/12:15 PM

A. Kibzun cancelled

MS26/Tues, May 11

Minisymposium summary added

MS34/Wed, May 12/10:00 AM

H. Bauschke added & talks moved up

MS27/Tues, May 11/3:30 PM

H. Bauschke cancelled & talks moved up

CP7/Mon, May 10/3:50 PM

M. Leonard cancelled

CP30/Wed, May 12/3:10 PM

V. Sedenko cancelled

CP26/Wed. May 12/2:30 PM

M. Gulliksson changed to speaker

CP17/Tues, May 11/7:10 PM

D-H, Choi cancelled

CP19/Tues, May 11/7:30 PM

V. P. Savelyev added


MS26/Tues, May 11/3:30 PM

Session talks added

MS10/Tues, May 11

10:45 AM & 11:15 AM talks switched
J. Tomlin's title changed

MS8/Monday, May 10/10:45 AM

O. Schmid's title changed

PS/Mon, May 10/7:30 PM

Z. Wen added

MS18/Tues, May 11/10:45 AM

S. Uryasev title changed

CP21/Tues, May 11/5:30 PM

Talks updated/added

MS34/Wed, May 12/10:30 AM

P. Marechal cancelled

CP2/Mon, May 10/5:30 PM

P. Frank added

CP14/Mon, May 10/7:10 PM

L. Kaufman added

CP3/Monday, May 10/5:30 PM

A. N. Iusem added

CP11/Mon, May 10/5:30 PM

H. Yabe's title changed


CP27/Wed, May 12/3:30 PM

D. Li added

CP15/Mon, May 10/6:50 PM

F. A. Al-Khayyal added

CP23/Wed, May 12/3:10

F. Zhou added - I. Moghrabi moved to 3:30 PM

PS/Mon., May 10/7:30 PM

Z-Y. Zhang cancelled


MS8/Mon, May 10/10:45 AM

Speaker changed to Olivier Schmid

MS9/Mon, May 10/11:10 AM

Title/authors updated

CP19/Tue, May 11/7:10 PM

L. Blank added

CP29/Wed, May 12/3:10 PM

N.H.S. Haidar added
A. Kusyumov's talk moved down to 3:30 PM


CP15/Mon, May 10/6:50 PM

A. Voronin cancelled

CP30/Wed, May 12/2:50 PM

M. Sumin cancelled

CP19/Tue, May 11/7:10 PM

S. Migorski cancelled


CP20/Tue, May 11/6:30 PM

N. Djuranovic-Milicic cancelled

CP28/Wed, May 12/3:10 PM

M. Postan cancelled


CP21/Tue, May 11/6:30 PM

J. Wang's talk cancelled

MS17/Tue, May 11/11:45 AM

B. Scholkopf's title added


CP13/Mon, May 10/7:10 PM

V. Tolstykh cancelled


MS23/Tue., May 11/4:00 PM

R. Henninger's title changed


CP5/Mon May 10/5:10 PM

Donald Goldfarb added


PS/Mon., May 10/7:30 PM

J. V. da Fonseca Neto's affiliation updated


IP4/Tue., May 11/8:30 AM

Summary added

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