Monday, May 10

Optimization in Industry

10:45 AM-12:45 PM
Room: Atlanta I

In recent years, optimization has gained recognition as a promising computational tool in a number of industries. In particular, nonlinear programming techniques are being used actively in the aerospace, automotive, and chemical industries. Nonetheless, there is a discernible gap between state of the art analysis and the software tools actually available for solving realistic problems. The complexity, size, and expense of realistic industrial problems further narrow the ability of industrial mathematicians to use optimization as often or as effectively as they would like. This minisymposium aims to acquaint applied optimization researchers with the problems, the current nonlinear programming practices, as well as the open questions and needs in the industries represented.

Organizer: Natalia M. Alexandrov
NASA Langley Research Center

10:45-11:10 Helicopter Rotor Optimization - A Successful Case Study
Frank J. Tarzanin, The Boeing Co., Philadelphia
11:15-11:40 Large Scale Online Optimization in the Chemical Industry
Dimitrios Varvarezos, Aspen Technology, Inc., Houston
11:45-12:10 Application of Optimization to Aircraft Advanced Design
Sean R. Wakayama, The Boeing Co., Long Beach
Updated12:15-12:40 Cross Attribute Multiobjective Optimization of Vehicle Structures - Current Practice and Future Needs
Richard I. DeVries, Ford Motor Company

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MMD, 5/10/99