Tuesday, May 11

Numerical Methods in Optimal Design and Optimal Control

3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Room: Atlanta 5

Numerical methods play a critical role in optimal design and optimal control of fluid related technology. This symposium will focus on current trends in this field. The speakers will discuss approximation of Newton step for aerodynamic optimization, results on code differentiation techniques in CFD, performance of minimization algorithms applied to peptides and proteins, and aeroelastic shape optimization.

Organizers: S. S. Ravindran and Eyal Arian
NASA Langley Research Center

3:30-3:55 Approximations of the Newton Step for Aerodynamic Optimization
Eyal Arian, Organizer
4:00-4:25 UpdatedCode Differentiation for Hydrodynamic Model Optimization
Rudy Henninger, M. L. Rightley, and P. J. Maudlin, Los Alamos National Laboratory
4:30-4:55 Performance of Efficient Minimization Algorithms as Applied to Models of Peptides and Proteins
I. Michael Navon, C. Baysal and H. Meirovitch, Florida State University
5:00-5:25 High Fidelity Aeroelastic Shape Optimization Using Coupled State and Costate Systems
James Reuther and Juan J. Alonso, NASA Ames Research Center

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