Wednesday, May 12

Nonlinear Equations

9:00 AM-11:00 AM
Room: Georgia 8

Demanding applications incorporating "full physics" simulations require the solution of very large scale nonlinear systems. Systems of unprecedented size and difficulty are being successfully attacked with a broadening array of sophisticated numerical algorithms implemented on increasingly powerful computers. These algorithms may involve globalized inexact Newton methods, Krylov subspace methods, linear and nonlinear multigrid/multilevel techniques, domain decomposition, and other approaches. Often the greatest success is obtained with a combination of these. The speakers in this minisymposium will highlight recent advances in algorithms and problem treatment on very high performance computers.

Organizer: Homer F. Walker
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

CANCELLED 9:00-9:25 Linearly Implicit Multilevel Preconditioners for Newton-Krylov Methods
Dana Alan Knoll and William J. Rider, Los Alamos National Laboratory
9:00-9:25 NewParallel Newton-Krylov-Multigrid Solvers for Variably Saturated Flow Problems    
Carol S. Woodward and Jim E. Jones, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
9:30-9:55 Hybrid Approaches for Solution of Large-Scale Systems of Nonlinear Equations
Michael Pernice, University of Utah
10:00-10:25 Parallel Solution Methods for Simulation, Computational Bifurcation, and Stability Analysis of Reacting Flow Applications
John N. Shadid and NewAndrew G. Salinger, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque
10:30-10:55 Robust Methods for Nonlinear CFD Problems
David P. Young and Craig L. Hilmes, The Boeing Company

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