Sunday, May 9

John E. Dennis-Richard A. Tapia Day

10:30 AM-5:00 PM
Room: Atlanta 3 and 4 (Technical Sessions)

6:00 PM
Room: Capitol South (Evening Banquet)

Chair: Robert B. Schnabel, University of Colorado, Boulder

A special one-day celebration, honoring the 60th birthdays of Professors John E. Dennis and Richard A. Tapia, will be held on Sunday, May 9, 1999, immediately preceding the Sixth SIAM Conference on Optimization. The celebration will consist of a day of technical presentations by current and former students of Professors Dennis and Tapia, followed by an evening banquet. All conference attendees are welcome to attend the technical sessions at no additional charge. All attendees, and their spouses or guests, are welcome to attend the banquet, but there will be a fee to cover costs. During the banquet, there will be an opportunity for toasts, tributes, and roasts. The organizers hope many conference attendees will join in this tribute to two of the pioneers of numerical optimization!

The organizers for this one-day event are:
Paul T. Boggs, Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore
Richard H. Byrd, University of Colorado, Boulder
Jorge Nocedal, Northwestern University
Robert B. Schnabel, University of Colorado, Boulder
Virginia Torczon, College of William & Mary

To register for the evening banquet on Sunday, May 9, complete the on-line preregistration form and submit it directly to SIAM.

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