Committees of SIAM

SIAM has a number of committees and boards that report to various entities within SIAM. The typical term on a SIAM committee is three years. In the interest of encouraging diverse participation, more than two consecutive terms on a given committee are discouraged, except for the committees of the Board. The following is a list of those committees.

Volunteer for or submit recommendations for general SIAM committees and the SIAM representatives to national and joint committees.

Committees of the Board. The SIAM Board of Trustees has four committees that help carry out its work. The Board makes the appointments to these committees.

In addition, the SIAM Board of Trustees and the SIAM Council both appoint at-large members to the Nominating Committee.

Some specific committees are the responsibility of a SIAM vice president:

General SIAM Committees. The Committee on Committees and Appointments (CCA) oversees the structure of and appointments to general SIAM committees, and the SIAM President makes all appointments to these committees. These committees include:

SIAM also appoints representatives to various national and joint committees, and the CCA oversees the appointments to these committees with the SIAM President making the appointments:


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