1995 SIAM Annual Meeting
Invited Presentations

Monday, October 23

9:45 AM
IP1 ~ Computing Fluid Flows in Complex Geometry
Marsha Berger, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

11:00 AM
IP2 ~ An Adaptive Projection Method for Low Mach Number Flows
John B. Bell, Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

11:45 AM
IP3 ~ Industrial Strength Optimization
Paul D. Frank, Mathematics and Engineering Analysis Division, Boeing Computer Services

Tuesday, October 24

9:30 AM
IP4 ~ Computational Science and Engineering -- an Interdisciplinary Field
Ahmed Sameh, Department of Computer Science, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

10:15 AM
IP5 ~ Experience with Electronic Textbooks for Computational Science and Parallel Programming Education
Dennis Gannon, Department of Computer Science, Indiana University, Bloomington

Wednesday, October 25

10:30 AM
IP6 ~ The Topology of DNA
De Witt Sumners, Department of Mathematics, Florida State University

11:15 AM
IP7 ~ Mathematical Problems Suggested by Computational Statistical Mechanics
Hans C. Andersen, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University

Thursday, October 26

10:00 AM
IP8 ~ Some Results and Some Open Questions in the Control of Distributed Systems
Jacques-Louis Lions, Vice-President, de l'Academie de Sciences, College de France, France

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