SIAM Committee on Committees and Appointments (CCA)


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Term Ending
Pavel B. Bochev [email protected]


Lisa Fauci (ex-o) [email protected]


Claude A. Greengard
[email protected]


Chen Greif, Chair [email protected]


Per Christian Hansen [email protected]


Nicholas Higham (ex-o)
[email protected]


Chun Liu [email protected]


Deborah Lockhart [email protected]


Andre Weideman [email protected]


Carol Woodward (ex-o) [email protected]


Committee Charge

The Committee on Committees and Appointments (CCA) was established as a standing committee by the SIAM Council at their June 5, 1983 meeting:

RESOLVED, that the SIAM Council authorizes the establishment of a standing Committee on Committees and Appointments to be chaired by the
SIAM Secretary, ex officio.  This committee shall preside over the movement of people into positions of activity and responsibility in SIAM through recommendation to the SIAM President of individuals to fill various appointed positions.  The Committee will seek its nominees from throughout the entire SIAM membership, and it will seek to maintain SIAM's vigor by finding new talent and by making best use of experienced SIAM volunteers.

History and Background

The SIAM Bylaws, Article IV, give the SIAM President authority for appointments to committees:

Section 2.  The President shall in general manage the professional and scientific affairs of the Society.  He shall appoint all committees and in addition may appoint "ad hoc" committees as may be necessary to fulfill the objectives of the Society.

It was in the spirit of assisting the President to carry out these duties that CCA was created. The CCA shall assist the SIAM President with all general committees, both standing and ad hoc, including committees jointly appointed with other societies; exceptions are the committees of the Board of Trustees (including the Financial Management Committee and the Compensation Committee) and prize committees (which fall under the Major Awards Committee).

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Appointments. The CCA shall make recommendations to the President regarding appointments to all SIAM committees noted on the SIAM web site under Committees; Other. This includes all committees except those of the Board, the Nominating Committee, and the prize committees. The CCA may consult with committee chairs, but shall otherwise make independent recommendations for committee membership, including renewals of terms and appointment of new members.

2. Oversight of SIAM Committees. The CCA shall oversee and review the structure and charges of existing and proposed committees, except those noted above.  The CCA will make recommendations to the SIAM Council for approval of new charges or modifications to existing charges. The CCA shall act in consultation with the SIAM President.

Structure of the Committee on Committees

The CCA shall consist of six at large members. The SIAM Secretary shall chair this committee. Committee members must be members of SIAM in good standing.  Appointments to this committee shall be for three years with two individuals appointed each year.  At-large committee members may not serve consecutive three-year terms. The SIAM elected officers shall be ex officio members of this committee. 

The SIAM President, in consultation with the SIAM Secretary, shall make the at-large appointments to this committee. Committee membership should reflect the breadth and diversity of the Society. Committee members should have broad knowledge of the Society and its members.

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