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Just as applied mathematics has grown, so has SIAM membership—from a few hundred in the early 1950s to almost 14,000 today. In addition, SIAM has over 500 institutional members—colleges, universities, corporations, and research organizations.

SIAM members are applied and computational mathematicians, computer scientists, numerical analysts, engineers, statisticians, physicists, educators, and students from over 100 countries. They work in industrial and service organizations, universities, colleges, and government agencies and laboratories all over the world.

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Individual Membership

Join our individual member community of over 10,000 and receive valuable benefits.

Corporate/Institutional Members, Affiliates, Sponsors and Partners

SIAM has developed options that encompass a full range of corporate/institutional support.

Academic Membership

Academic membership is open to degree-granting institutions. Students of academic member institutions are eligible for membership in SIAM.

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Nominate a Student for a Complimentary Membership

SIAM nonstudent members in good standing can nominate up to two students per year for free membership in SIAM.

Search the Combined Membership List (CML)

Directory information for members of AMS, SIAM, AMATYC, AWM, CMS/SMC, MOS.


Invite a colleague to join SIAM. You may both be eligible to win prizes.

Make the Most of Your Membership

Are you using your SIAM membership to the fullest? Click this link to learn more about what SIAM has to offer.

Become a SIAM Ambassador

Share the benefits of SIAM with a colleague or other applied and computational mathematician and scientist - find the materials you will need to act as an ambassador to SIAM.

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