SIAM Industry Committee


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Term Ending
John Abbott [email protected]
Audrey Addison

[email protected]

Charu C. Aggarwal [email protected]
Sharon F Arroyo [email protected]
Kevin Bongiovanni [email protected]
Christian Borgs [email protected]
Paul Childs [email protected]
Carlos Corrales [email protected]
Amr Saad El-Bakry, Chair [email protected]
Jeffrey R Sachs [email protected]
Jeff Saltzman [email protected]
Lalitha Venkataramanan         [email protected]

Charter for the SIAM Industry Committee

SIAM is committed to promoting the value of research in applied mathematics and in ensuring the application of high quality research results to solving real world problems in industry.

The SIAM Industry Committee (SIC) advises the SIAM Vice President for Industry on issues related to SIAM products, services, programs and membership of relevance to SIAM’s industrial members. It makes recommendations for the appointment of the next Vice President for Industry. SIAM’s Technical Director serves as the SIAM liaison to the SIC. The SIAM Vice for President for Industry chairs this committee.


There shall be 6-12 appointed members of this committee. The SIAM President, upon recommendation of the Committee on Committees and Appointments and in consultation with the VP for Industry, makes the appointments to the SIC. Members are appointed for terms of no more than three years and may be reappointed. SIAM recommends rotation of memberships among members, thus replacement of committee members after two terms, except under special circumstances.

The SIAM President, in consultation with the SIAM Secretary, shall make the at-large appointments to this committee. Committee membership should reflect the breadth and diversity of the Society and its industrial members. Committee members should have broad knowledge of the Society and its industrial members.


The Vice President for Industry chairs the SIC.SIAM’s Technical Director reports to the Committee on the status of SIAM activities relevant to SIAM industrial members, including but not limited to meetings and other programs, projects and activities with an industrial focus. This report forms the basis of the report of the Vice President for Industry to the SIAM Board of Trustees and the SIAM Council.

Committee members correspond by telephone or e-mail. Meetings of the SIC take place during the SIAM Annual Meeting. Voting is done by e-mail.

Charge to the Committee

The SIC is responsible for the overall direction and content of all SIAM programs, projects, activities and services that are focused on SIAM’s industrial members. It advises the SIAM leadership on the development of new programs and activities that serve the mathematical and computational scientists employed in industry and on career development services for members employed in industry. The committee is also responsible for contributing to the work of other SIAM committees when they are addressing issues of relevance to industry. This includes, for example, SIAM’s Committee on Programs and Conferences, Membership Committee, Education Committee, and the Committee on Science Policy.

The committee helps to promote the visibility of applied mathematics and computational science in the industrial community. It informs SIAM membership of the development and use of the mathematical and computational sciences in industry via SIAM News.

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