SIAM Committee on Section Activities

Term Ending
Chris Farmer [email protected]
Fengyan Li [email protected]
Hisashi Okamoto [email protected]
Ya-Xiang Yuan, Chair [email protected]

Committee on Section Activities

This committee oversees the activities of regional sections. It reviews and approves funding requests from sections.

SIAM regional sections are governed by two documents:

1. the SIAM bylaws, Article XII, which establishes the general rules for sections and gives the SIAM Board of Trustees control over creation, administration, and termination of sections; and
2. the section rules of procedure which are written by each section and approved by the SIAM Board of Trustees.

The Committee on Section Activities was created to help administer funding requests.

Committee Membership

The Committee on Section Activities typically consists of 3-6 members, appointed by the SIAM President upon recommendation of the CCA.  SIAM recommends that appointed committee members serve at most two consecutive terms, although exceptions can be made in special circumstances. 

The SIAM President, in consultation with the SIAM Secretary, shall make the at-large appointments to this committee. Committee membership should reflect the breadth and diversity of the Society. Committee members should have broad knowledge of the Society and its members.

Committee Operations and Procedures

Sections submit requests for funding to the Office of the Executive Director. These are forward to the Committee on Section Activities for review. The Committee reviews requests and discusses via e-mail; they may forward questions directly back to the submitter(s). A final recommendation (whether to fund and at what level) is returned to the Office of the Executive Director for execution.

This committee only meets via e-mail.

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