Web Advisory Committee


Name Email
Term Ending
Brian Borchers [email protected]
David Gleich [email protected]
Matthias Gobbert, Chair [email protected]
Henry Warchall [email protected]

SIAM is committed to promoting the value of research in applied mathematics and in ensuring the application of high quality research results to solving real world problems through industry, government, and other means to benefit society.

The SIAM website is a major means of communication with members and potential members. The website endeavors to dispense information to members, market SIAM to potential members and present a cohesive and unified approach, while representing the many diverse aspects of SIAM, such as Books, Customer Service, News and Conferences.

In this light, a committee of volunteers would serve to monitor our goals as an organization against our use of the Internet. The committee members would propose content, provide resources for content, critique current content and the overall presentation and usability, and advise about future areas for development.  Subcommittees would be formed as deemed appropriate to develop specific new areas of the SIAM website. These subcommittee members would be chosen depending on the new areas' content and goals and be overseen by a Committee Member chairing this subcommittee.

The creation of the Web Advisory Committee was approved by the Board of Trustees and Council at the July 2001 meetings.

Committee Structure

Committee members are appointed by the President for a term of three years. Committee should be comprised of 4-8 people of diverse backgrounds to represent various areas within the SIAM community.


The Committee will conduct its business mostly via e-mail and telephone. Conference calls may be scheduled through the SIAM office if the Committee requires such a discussion. The Committee chair may call a face-to-face meeting if deemed necessary, but this is not required or expected.

Charge to the Committee

The Committee is expected to review SIAM web content, relevant other sites and to provide advice to the SIAM office on how to improve the content on the SIAM web pages. The Committee may choose to respond on an irregular basis directly with the SIAM office, or to compile regular reports. The Committee has the discretion to decide the frequency and method of communication.

The Chair of the Committee will submit an annual report to the SIAM Council and Board of Trustees

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