SIAM Representatives to the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM)

SIAM is a member society of the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM). Current ICIAM Bylaws assign large applied mathematics societies two representatives to be chosen by the society. ICIAM representatives will attend the annual meetings of the Council and vote on behalf of the society they represent. The two SIAM representatives to ICIAM are therefore voting members of the ICIAM Council.

Each member society of ICIAM chooses its representatives and set the terms of the office.

SIAM will normally choose its two representatives by the following procedure:

  1. The SIAM VP for Programs will serve as one representative for the duration of his/her office; and,
  2. The SIAM President will be the second representative during his/her 2-year term of office.

The rationale for these choices is the following: ICIAM's primary responsibility is the selection and oversight of the ICIAM Congress; this responsibility is closely related to the duties of the SIAM Vice President for Programs. It therefore makes sense to include the SIAM VP for Programs to ensure coordination of SIAM and ICIAM programs. The SIAM President is the chief person responsible for general policy issues within SIAM; given ICIAM's role in policy matters related to industrial and applied mathematics, it is appropriate to have the SIAM president on the ICIAM Council as the second representative.

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