Committee on Programs and Conferences

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Daniel Bates [email protected]
Xiaojun Chen [email protected]
Amr Saad El-Bakry [email protected]
Yekaterina Epshteyn [email protected]
Andreas Griewank [email protected]
Jing-Rebecca Li [email protected]
Jose Mas
[email protected]
Malgorzata S Peszynska [email protected]
Cynthia Phillips, Chair
[email protected]
Ali Pinar
[email protected]
Alison Ramage [email protected]
Clayton G. Webster [email protected]
Carol Woodward  [email protected]


Staff Liaison    
Linda Thiel [email protected]
Ex Officio



Charter for SIAM Committee on Programs and Conferences

The SIAM Committee on Programs and Conferences advises the SIAM Vice President for Programs on issues related to SIAM meetings, and it makes recommendations for the appointment of the next Vice President for Programs. The SIAM Vice for President for Programs chairs this committee.


The five ex officio members of the Committee on Programs and Conferences are: Vice President for Programs, Vice President at Large (representing the activity groups), Vice President for Industry, Director of Programs and Services, and the Executive Director.

There shall be 6-12 appointed members of this committee (in addition to the ex officio members); the SIAM President, upon recommendation of the CCA and in consultation with the VP for Programs, makes the appointments to this committee.  Committee members come from a broad cross section of SIAM, including representatives from industry, government, and national laboratories.

Members are appointed for three years, with staggered terms.  Each year, two or three members are  replaced or renewed.  Members cannot serve more than two consecutive terms.

The SIAM President, in consultation with the SIAM Secretary, shall make the at-large appointments to this committee. Committee membership should reflect the breadth and diversity of the Society. Committee members should have broad knowledge of the Society and its members.


The Vice President for Programs chairs the Committee on Programs and Conferences.  The Director of Programs and Services reports to the Committee on the status of meetings and their budgets.  This report forms the basis of the report of the Vice President for Programs to the SIAM Board of Trustees and the SIAM Council.

Committee members correspond by telephone or e-mail.  Meetings of the Committee on Programs and Conferences take place during the SIAM Annual Meeting.  Voting is done by e-mail.


The Committee on Programs and Conferences is responsible for the overall program direction and content of all SIAM conferences and the SIAM Annual Meeting, as well as for their evaluation and oversight.  In particular, the Committee makes recommendations for:

SIAM Coordinating Committee for the Joint Mathematical Meetings

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