Standard Election Practices

The SIAM Standard Rules of Procedure for Activity Groups state that "at least two candidates must be nominated for each office and the nomination process must provide the opportunity for any modest-sized group of SIAG members to nominate candidates." The Rules also state that "Elections will follow standard SIAM Activity Group practices." These election guidelines spell out in more detail what is meant by the term "standard practices."

The Chair of the Activity Group is responsible for putting the Nominating Committee together. However, the SIAG Chair does not have to serve on the Committee.

  1. Members of the Nominating Committee must be members of the Activity Group.
  2. The Nominating Committee should be composed of 4-6 members; at least two of whom should not be current officers of the SIAG. Members of the Nominating Committee may include officers of the SIAG.
  3. The SIAM Vice President at Large must approve the Nominating Committee membership before it begins deliberation. In consultation with the current SIAG officers, the SIAM Vice President will also specify the Chair of the Nominating Committee. The Chair of the Nominating Committee is responsible for convening the Committee.
  4. Individuals who are chosen to stand for a SIAG office must not be members of the Nominating Committee.
  5. Typically, announcement of the Nominating Committee is made at a SIAG Business Meeting, or in a SIAG Newsletter, or on the SIAG electronic mailing list. This announcement should include a solicitation for possible nominees.
  6. Diversity and gender equity are goals that are strongly supported by SIAM. Nominating committees are requested to consider these issues when choosing slates of candidates.
  7. All dues-paying SIAM members who are members of the activity group are eligible to vote in SIAG elections.
  8. Generally, SIAG officers serve only one term in a given office.
  9. The Nominating Committee is responsible for contacting each nominee to ensure that the nominee is willing to run for the designated office.

Commentary: Current officers may wish to run again for a different position; so in the uniform rules of procedure no particular officer (such as SIAG Vice Chair) is listed as an ex officio member of the Nominating Committee.

Activity Group Election Cycle



Appoint Nominating Committee

February 28

Nominees identified

June 30

Ballots posted online

September 1

Election Complete

November 30

New officers take office

January 1

Email SIAG mbrs about new officers

January 10

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