Responsibilities of SIAG Officers

  1. Governance
    1. Election
      1. Oversee election for replacement SIAG officers who will serve the next term of office
      2. Plan and implement orientation of replacement officers who will serve the next term of office
      3. When possible, to provide continuity in SIAG governance, document policies and procedures that can be provided to incoming new officers.
    2. Renew SIAG charter @ 2-3 years, as indicated in SIAG ROP.
  2. Conference Strategy and Oversight
    1. In conjunction with SIAM VP Programs, develop and oversee long term conference strategy to insure that educational content achieves goals as stated in the SIAG Rules of Procedure.
    2. Monitor conference attendance and financial performance to insure that conferences remain viable and cover all costs.
    3. Soon after a recurring conference, appoint a chair for the next conference in the series. Ideally, the chair for the next conference should be announced at the prior conference.
    4. Monitor the planning and progress on each current conference to insure that all milestones are being met in a timely fashion.
    5. Insure that SIAG is represented at SIAM Annual Meeting in years where there is no SIAG conference.
    6. Insure that at least once every five years either a track of at least six minisymposia is organized at the SIAM Annual Meeting or the activity group meeting is held jointly with the annual meeting. The VP for Programs and the VP at Large will coordinate the scheduling with the SIAG chair.
  3. Program Development
    1. Develop and oversee programs that will best achieve goals of the SIAG, as written in the founding Rules of Procedure. (web portal, collaborative programs with other entities, etc.)
    2. Appoint any committees, task forces needed to plan and implement programs.
  4. Communication with Members
    1. Determine best method of dissemination of information to SIAG members (newsletter - hard copy or electronic, electronic mailing list, web portal, etc.) and oversee implementation.
    2. Appoint energetic and well-connected liaison to SIAM News to ensure that members are aware of upcoming SIAG conferences and activities. (job description will be provided)
    3. Appoint liaison for Web Portal
    4. Appoint 2 liaisons to SIAM�s book program (job description will be provided)
    5. If necessary, appoint Editor to oversee selected forms of communication.
  5. Communication with SIAM
    1. Membership Manager is your main point of contact.
    2. Communicate with Executive Director and VP at Large regarding mission and goals of SIAG, and any issues confronting the SIAG.
  6. Communication with Other SIAG Chairs
    1. SIAG President (or designated representative) to attend meeting of SIAG Chairs held in conjunction with SIAM Annual Meeting
    2. Communication with other SIAG Chairs is possible through an electronic mailing list of all SIAM SIAG Chairs ([email protected])
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