FAIR: Flexible Algorithms for Image Registration - Software and Apps

Jan Modersitzki



FAIR stands for Flexible Algorithms for Image Registration and is a combination of a book about image registration and a software package written in MATLAB.

Image registration is required whenever images taken at different times, from different viewpoints, and/or different sensors need to be compared, merged, or integrated. Is is also known as alignment, co-registration, fusion, optical flow, or warping and models the process of transforming data into a common reference frame.

The book is a stand-alone monograph which provides an introduction to image registration, insight into mathematical models for image registration and numerical approaches. It provides numerous examples and highlights the various aspects of the topic. A free PDF of the book can be downloaded from this link [PDF].

The FAIR software package written in MATLAB and can be obtained from GIT [C4IR]. For details and extensions and add-ons, see [https://github.com/C4IR/FAIR.m].


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