Will Pringles Fly? How P&G Is Using Modeling & Simulation to Innovate Innovation

Everyday products might seem commonplace...but in fact these 'soft goods' are can be quite 'hard' to understand--especially how to make billions of them affordably. We show examples how modeling & simulation can greatly accelerate the pace of innovation, not just for airplanes and cars, but for consumer package goods as well. A case study on the Aerodynamics of Pringles will illustrate. Other multi-scale examples will span the scale from molecules to the enterprise: from computational chemistry models of perfume, to the availability of multiple production systems. Multi-Physics simulation challenges from Diapers to designing stronger containers that can be opened easily. The 'tyranny of the explicit calculation', e.g. not being able to make effective use of thousands of processors for long time scale simulations. Finally, we will talk about the future organization and culture challenges inherent in these multi-scale/multi-physics modeling & simulation problems.

Tom Lange, Proctor & Gamble

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