Academic Memberships

SIAM offers regular Academic Memberships to degree-granting institutions or any department within such institutions.  All membership options include discounted subscriptions and membership dues vary.  To become a regular Academic Member of SIAM, please complete a membership application [PDF, 100KB] and return it with payment to SIAM.

Departmental Academic Memberships are ideally suited to mathematics and computer science department of small colleges (non Ph.D.-granting institutions).  Departmental members receive SIAM Review and up to five copies of SIAM News, and may subscribe to two SIAM journals at 30% discount. To apply for departmental membership, please download and complete an application [PDF, 90KB].

Non-degree granting institutions can also become members of SIAM through Corporate/Institutional Membership.

For All Applications
Please be sure to complete and sign the application and return it by mail with payment or purchase order to:

Attention: Joanne M. Cassetti
3600 Market Street, 6th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688
[email protected]

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