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The SIAM early career membership continues to make a tremendous impact on my career development by allowing me to stay connected with the applied math and computational science research communities.  For a recent Ph.D. graduate, there are many perks of a SIAM membership, including excellent networking opportunities, discounts for books and conferences, and access to cutting edge research.  SIAM is also a great resource for job postings, career development programs, and travel assistance.

Julianne Chung, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

Individuals who have graduated or received their final degree (i.e., PhD, DSc, Habit, MS, MA, BS, BA) within the last five years are eligible for a reduced rate membership with all the same benefits as a regular member. To ease the transition from student membership to a full regular membership, SIAM offers early career membership at 50% off the price of regular membership for the first three years after receiving a final degree and 25% off for the fourth and fifth years.

If you are already a student SIAM member, just notify SIAM by email that you would like to renew next year as a early career member, or, when you get your renewal notice in the fall, contact SIAM customer service at [email protected] to change to a early career member.

The SIAM membership year runs January through December. Multiple year membership and lifetime membership are also available.  Contact customer service for details.

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