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mgam1 mgam3 kolda I advise my junior colleagues to join two or three professional societies. Typically one has a “home” society that is closest to their academic roots, but it is also useful to broaden one’s perspective by joining societies in related areas. SIAM is a truly interdisciplinary society. SIAM hosts a wide variety of conferences and meetings, offers opportunities for career and leadership development, and long-term members can be recognized by the SIAM Fellows program.“
Tammy Kolda, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories

Connect a colleague to the computational community!

If you have a friend or colleague that has yet to discover SIAM, invite them to join. If he or she does join SIAM, both of you will be entered into a drawing to win one of several high-value prizes (Check back soon for more information!).

Plus, you will also receive a SIAM T-shirt for your recruitment efforts. tshirt

Applied mathematics and computational science are interdisciplinary areas in which many bright and exciting people—like you—are working. SIAM members rely on SIAM to provide them with a community in which all of those researchers can come together. In turn, SIAM relies on its current members as the best possible source for new members.

Additional guidelines:
To be included in the contest drawing (January 2018), all new member applications must be received by the SIAM office by December 31, 2017.

Take time now to share with your colleagues the learning, resources, and connections that you enjoy as a SIAM member. Your colleague can easily join online or download an application, 12-month. [PDF, 130KB]

Need some help? The MGAM Recruitment Kit has resources to aid your recruiting

Please note: Be sure your colleague enters your name on the application form as the referring member. Also, because student memberships are free or discounted, student applications are welcome but not eligible for prizes.

To read the rest of the rules of contest, click here. [PDF, 90KB]

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