DOE Announces Winners of Multiscale Awards

August 10, 2005

The DOE Office of Science completed the review of proposals for the "Multiscale Mathematics" program. The program, funded under the Advance Scientific Computing Research Program (ASCR), listed awards to thirteen teams of university and national laboratory researchers. The total amount of the awards listed was $20.5 million over three years.

The press release accompanying the awards states the purpose of the Multiscale program:

"The multiscale mathematics program seeks to help break through the current barriers in understanding complex physical processes that occur on a wide range of interacting length and time scales. The current state-of-the-art in the theory and modeling of complex physical systems generally requires that the physical phenomena being modeled either occur at a single scale, or widely separated scales with little or no interaction. Complex physical systems frequently involve interactions among many phenomena at many different scales. Increases in computational power over the last decade have enabled scientists to begin creating sophisticated models with fewer simplifying assumptions. For these new models to succeed, researchers will need a deeper understanding of the mathematics of phenomena at multiple scales and how they interact.

The researchers will develop and apply new multiscale mathematics algorithms and analysis to support the Office of Science's research missions. The research will support the development of new simulations that are crucial to improved understanding of problems such as fuel cell design, accelerator design and optimization, combustion processes including clean and efficient engine design, fusion reactor design and optimization and design of materials atom-by-atom."

The press release, along with a full list of projects and teams funded, can be found at

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