Long Program in Optimal Transport

October 1, 2007

March 10�June 13, 2008
Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, UCLA

Organizing committee: Andrea Bertozzi, Yann Brenier, Wilfrid Gangbo, Peter Markowich, and Jean-Michel Morel.

This long program will involve a community of senior and junior researchers. The intent is for participants to learn about the mathematics of optimal transport from the perspective of multiple fields, to meet a diverse group of researchers, and to provide opportunities for the formation of new collaborations.

There will be an active program of research activities, seminars, and workshops throughout the period. Core participants will be in residence at IPAM continuously for these 14 weeks. The program will open with tutorials, and will be punctuated by four major workshops and a culminating workshop at UCLA's Lake Arrowhead Conference Center. Between the workshops, there will be a program of activities involving the long-term and short-term participants, as well as visitors.

Optimal Transport: Tutorials. March 11�14, 2008.
Workshop I: Aspects of Optimal Transport in Geometry and Calculus of Variations. March 31�April 4, 2008.
Workshop II: Numerics and Dynamics for Optimal Transport. April 14�18, 2008.
Workshop III: Transport Systems in Geography, Geosciences, and Networks. May 5�9, 2008.
Workshop IV: Optimal Transport in the Human Body: Lungs and Blood. May 19�23, 2008.
Culminating Workshop at Lake Arrowhead: June 8�13, 2008.

Full and partial support for long-term participants is available. (Support for individual workshops is also available; please see the workshop's Web page for more information.) IPAM is especially interested in applicants who are prepared to become core participants and participate in the entire program (March 10�June 13, 2008), but will consider applications for shorter periods. Funding for participants is available at all academic levels, though recent PhDs, graduate students, and researchers in the early stages of their career are especially encouraged to apply.

Encouraging the careers of women and minority mathematicians and scientists is an important component of IPAM's mission and it welcomes applications from women and minorities.

Additional information: http://www.ipam.ucla.edu/programs/ot2008/.

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