NSF Announces Solicitation for Interdisciplinary Research

September 22, 2005

NSF announces updated program solicitation for interdisciplinary research at the interface of the mathematical sciences and other disciplines. The "Dear Colleague" letter from NSF is below.

Dear Colleagues,

An updated NSF program solicitation is now available: Mathematical Sciences: Innovations at the Interface with the Physical and Computer Sciences and Engineering.

Please see


for details.

Deadlines for Proposals:

* Interactions with Astronomy (AST): December 20, 2005

* Interactions with Materials Research (DMR): December 20, 2005

* Interactions with Chemistry (CHE): January 13, 2006

* Interactions with Computer Science (CISE): March 01, 2006

* Interactions with Engineering (ENG): Most due dates fall between October 1, 2005 and March 1, 2006; see full text of the solicitation for specifics.

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