Pacific Northwest Conference on Comprehensive Mathematical Modeling in the Natural and Engineering Sciences, Organized in the Spirit of L.A. Segel

January 23, 2009

June 3�6, 2009
Washington State University

Invited speakers: Rebecca Bendick, University of Montana; Brian Dennis, University of Idaho; Lisa Fauci, Tulane University; Eric Ferm, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Alexander Golo-vin, Northwestern University; Louis Gross, University of Tennessee; Richard Jacob, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Leonid Kalachev, University of Montana; Leah Keshet and Rachel Kuske, University of British Columbia; Jodi Mead, Boise State University; Charlotte Omoto, Washington State University; Robert Van Kirk, Humboldt State University; Joan Wu, Washington State University; and Mei Zhu, Pacific Lutheran University.

Description: This interdisciplinary conference will provide a focal point for the interaction of participants from various backgrounds interested in experimentally driven theoretical modeling of natural and engineering scientific phenomena in the spirit of the late applied mathematician Lee A. Segel. In addition to the 15 invited speakers there will be sessions for contributed papers. Young scientists (junior faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, recent PhD recipients, and graduate students) are especially encouraged to attend this NSF-funded conference, and stipends are available to cover their travel and board expenses.

Further information:
Prospective participants in this conference should apply by sending an e-mail that includes a title and abstract of their prospective contributed paper to either of the conference organizers: David J. Wollkind ([email protected]) or Robert H. Dillon ([email protected]).

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