The Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI) at the Ohio State University announces the following events from its 2006-2007 scientific program.

August 24, 2006

Winter Quarter 2007: The Microcirculatory and Renal Systems: January 19, 2007: Tutorial on "Blood Flow in the Microcirculation"; January 22-26, 2007: Workshop 4 - "Blood Flow in the Microcirculation: Function, Regulation, and Adaptation" (Organizers: Tim Secomb and Daniel A. Beard); February 19-23, 2007: Workshop 5 - "The Kidney: Cellular, Tubular, and Vascular Physiology (Organizers: Harold Layton, Leon Moore, S. Randall Thomas, and Alan Weinstein);

Spring Quarter 2007: The Visual, Endocrine, and Auditory System: April 23-27, 2007: Workshop 6 - "Information Processing in the Visual System" (Organizers: Paul C. Bressloff and Alessandra Angelucci); May 18, 2007: Tutorial on "Endocrine Physiology"; May 21-25, 2007: Workshop 7 - "Endocrine Physiology: Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolism, and Obesity" (Organizers: Richard Bertram and Artie Sherman); June 22, 2007: Tutorial on "The Auditory System"; June 25-29, 2007: Workshop 8 - "The Auditory System" (Organizers: James Sneyd and David Mountain).

2007 Workshop for Young Researchers in Mathematical Biology (WYRMB), March 12-15, 2007: (Organizers: MBI postdoctoral fellows) Workshop activities include plenary talks and poster sessions, as well as group discussions on issues relevant to mathematical biologists. We cordially invite young mathematical biologists to participate. Accepted Plenary Speakers: Lisa Fauci, Trachette Jackson, Kenneth Lange, Robert Miura, Alan Perelson, Mike Reed, and John Tyson

2007 Summer Program in Mathematical Biology for Undergraduates, July 9 - 20, 2007: The program consists of two parts: (a) two weeks of introductory lectures plus short projects and a computer lab, and (b) a summer long research experience (6 weeks to be followed immediately after the 2 weeks) devoted to projects in the interface of mathematics, statistics, and biological sciences.

2007 Summer Program in Systems Physiology, July 23 - August 10, 2007: Each summer the MBI hosts a 3-week education program. The first week is spent in a tutorial. The following 2 weeks are spent working on guided team projects. The program is meant primarily for graduate students; college instructors and qualified undergraduates will also be considered.

Current Topics Workshops: April 12-13, 2007: "MicroRNA in Development and Cancer" (Organizers: Carlo Croce, Avner Friedman, George Calin, and Shili Lin); May 8-10, 2007: "Chemogenomics" (Organizers: Paul Blower, Joe Verducci, John Weinstein, and Stan Young)

Special events and workshops: March 23-25, 2007: Workshop - "Opportunities in Mathematical Biology for Under-represented Groups" March 23-25, 2007 (Organizers: Carlos Castillo Chavez, Trachette Jackson, Simon Levin, and Abdul-Aziz Yakubu); June 1-2, 2007: Education Workshop - "Mathematics in the Undergraduate Curriculum in Biology" (Organizers: Linda Allen, Steve Deckelman, Jennifer Galovich, and Libby Marschall)

The MBI encourages solicitation of suggestions for scientific programs, please contact Avner Friedman directly or use the "Suggestions" link at

For more information visit the MBI website at Applications for postdoctoral fellowships, workshop particiaption, and long-term visits are available on the web.

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