ICIAM 2007

September 24, 2007

Zurich, Switzerland

July 16-20

From morning to nightfall, ICIAM 2007 kept participants busy--hearing talks, deciding which of many parallel sessions to attend, catching up with friends and colleagues. Zurich proved to be an ideal location, easily accommodating the crowd that gathered on a terrace at ETH for the welcoming reception (pictured above), held immediately following Nancy Kopell's SIAM John von Neumann Lecture, as well as smaller groups seeking out-of-the-fray places for quieter discussions.

SIAM News is planning to cover technical themes and a smattering of highlights in an upcoming issue. Here, we mention an important theme that was expressed directly and indirectly throughout the five days of ICIAM: the needs of mathematical scientists who live and work in developing countries. Shown in the bottom photo are the members of a panel convened one evening to consider the situations in East Asia, Cuba, Beirut, and South Africa, and to provide information on programs under way to facilitate assistance and interaction. Photos by Christina Buchmann and Daniel Perez.

Look for much more on ICIAM 07 in the October issue of SIAM News.

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