Bulgarian SIAM Section Co-sponsors International Conference on Scientific Computing

September 24, 2007

Academician Kiril Boyanov, director of the Institute for Parallel Processing of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, presented the Academy�s award to Richard Ewing.

The Sixth International Conference on Large Scale Scientific Computation, organized by the Institute for Parallel Processing of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, was held in Sozopol, Bulgaria, June 5�9, 2007. Sozopol is a charming, ancient small town located on the southern coast of the Bulgarian Black Sea; in times gone by, it was known as Apollonia. Sozopol provided an excellent, relaxed setting for the conference, which was sponsored by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences with the cooperation of SIAM and the Bulgarian Section of SIAM. About 150 participants from 24 countries delivered more than 100 talks. A very pleasant surprise was the participation of 31 students and a large number of young scientists, who gave excellent research talks.

Traditionally, the conferences in this series have strong international participation and specialize in multilevel and multiscale solution methods; advances in optimization, control, and reduced-order modeling; domain decomposition methods; Monte Carlo methods; distributed and grid computing; and a variety of application areas, including environmental modeling and engineering. The plenary speakers at the 2007 conference were Owe Axelsson (Uppsala University, Sweden), Richard Ewing (Texas A&M University), Lars Gr�ne (University of Bayreuth, Germany), Max Gunzburger (Florida State University), Bernard Philippe (INRIA/IRISA, Rennes, France), Panayot Vassilevski (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), and Zahari Zlatev (National Environmental Research Institute, Roskilde, Denmark).

In attendance at the Sixth International Conference on Large Scale Scientific Computation, from left: Svetozar Margenov and Stefka Dimova, chair and vice-chair, respectively, of the SIAM Bulgaria Section, with Raytcho Lazarov and Pavel Bochev, who represented SIAM at the conference.

The conference was one of the first activities of the SIAM Bulgarian Section. The section's first set of officers are: Svetozar Margenov, Chair (Institute for Parallel Processing, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences); Stefka Dimova, Vice Chair (Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University); and Angela Slavova, Secretary, (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences). Margenov was one of the key organizers of the conference, and Dimova was also a participant. Pavel Bochev (Sandia National Laboratories) and Raytcho Lazarov (Texas A&M) represented SIAM at the conference.

A special event on the program was a celebration of the 60th birthday of Richard Ewing. For his contributions to the Bulgarian mathematical community and to the Academy of Sciences, Ewing was awarded the medal of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences at the conference. A well-known expert in applied mathematics, mathematical modeling, and large-scale scientific computation, Ewing has influenced the Bulgarian mathematical community as the adviser of two PhD students and the sponsor of three postdocs and a number of visitors from Bulgaria. He has been a frequent visitor to the Institute for Mathematics and Informatics and the Institute for Parallel Processing of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.---Pavel Bochev, Max Gunzburger, Raytcho Lazarov, and Svetozar Margenov.

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