ICIAM Pioneer Prize

October 21, 2007

Beginning in the late 1980s with her achievements in constructing compactly supported wavelets, Ingrid Daubechies has been a true pioneer, said SIAM president Cleve Moler in awarding her the 2007 ICIAM Pioneer Prize in Zurich. The work of Daubechies, a professor of applied mathematics at Princeton University, has found widespread application in image processing and time frequency analysis.

Since the early work, ac-cording to the prize citation, Daubechies has advanced the development of bi-orthogonal wavelet bases, which are currently the most commonly used bases for data compression. Daubechies' name is associated with the biorthogonal CDF wavelet family. Wavelets from this family are used in the JPEG 2000 standard for both lossless and lossy compression. Her continuing research on wavelets has produced path-breaking results, including the discovery of Wilson bases. This result led to the development of cosine packet libraries of orthonormal bases and Gaussian bases, which have become standard tools in time frequency analysis and in the numerical solution of partial differential equations.

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