SIAM’s President-Elect Puts Math in the News

January 6, 2008

"Sometime last night, YouTube decided to make Möbius Transformations Revealed the top featured video on their home page," Doug Arnold wrote to SIAM News at the end of November. "It still is as I write this. . . . When I went to sleep last night there had been about 80,000 views of the video. When I awoke this morning it was 160,000."

Writing to update SIAM News on the fate of his and Jonathan Rogness's award-winning visualizations of Möbius transformations (see in the December 2007 issue, page 1), Arnold did not then know that the number of hits would quickly soar to more than a million. At press time for this issue of SIAM News, the count was 1,280,930. More than 4000 comments had been posted by visitors to the site.

Many expressed their thanks to Arnold and Rogness for explaining a concept they had never been able to grasp. In the words of another viewer, "I had no idea math was as interesting as this!"

Interested readers are encouraged to view Möbius Transformations Revealed for themselves:

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