2000 SIAM Annual Meeting: Invited Talks

April 16, 2000

Interior-Point Methods and Semidefinite Programming, Yin Zhang, Rice University

Rhythms in the Nervous System: Synchronization and Beyond, Nancy J. Kopell, Boston University

Partial Differential Equations in Image Processing, Jean-Michel Morel, Ecole Normale Sup�rieure de Cachan, France

Gramian Based Model Reduction of Large-Scale Systems, Paul M. Van Dooren, Universit� Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Multigrid: From Fourier to Gauss, Randolph E. Bank, University of California, San Diego

Moore's Law, Numerical Techniques, and Real-World Problems, Vladimir Rokhlin, Yale University

Nonlinear Approximation, Ronald A. DeVore, University of South Carolina, Columbia

The Mysterious Infinity Laplacian, Michael Crandall, University of California, Santa Barbara

Global Climate Modeling, Warren Washington, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Simulating Turbulent Compressible Flows at Very High Resolution Using the Piecewise-Parabolic Method, Paul R. Woodward, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Long-Term Information Technology Research: Meeting the PITAC Challenge, Ken Kennedy, Rice University

Polynomials in Discrete Mathematics, P�lya Prize Lecture, Noga Alon, Tel Aviv University

Geometry of Markov Chains, The John von Neumann Lecture, Persi Diaconis, Stanford University

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