AAAS 2000 Meeting To Offer Strong Program in Mathematics

December 7, 1999

The 2000 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science will be held February 17-22, in Washington, DC. On the program are several three-hour symposia sponsored by Section A (Mathematics):

The Reasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics: Mathematics in Hollywood, Industry, and Daily Life (Lenore Blum and Felix Browder, organizers);
The Reasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics: Complexity and Computation-Paradigms for the 21st Century (Lenore Blum and Felix Browder, organizers); Predicting More, Assuming Less---A Game Theoretic Approach to Inductive Inference (Yoav Freund and Bakesh Vohra, organizers);
Earth, Sea, and Sky: Mathematical Modeling in the Earth Sciences (Barbara Keyfitz, organizer); Battling the Crypto Wars (Susan Landau, organizer); Symmetry and Hierarchy in Science, Technology, Art, Design, and the Research, Education, and the Web (Robby Robson, organizer); The Mathematics of Politics: Census, Representation, and Voting (Leon Seitelman, organizer); Shaping the Future Learning of Mathematics and Science (Judith Sowder, organizer); and Six Degrees of Separation: From Small-world Networks to the Web (Steven Strogatz, organizer).

Jennifer Tour Chayes will give a "topical theme talk" on phase transitions in computer science. Other symposia of interest to mathematicians and mathematics educators include:

Integrating Technology into Science Education; Science as an Error-correcting Process; College Is Too Late: Teaching Mathematics to Children and Adolescents; Scientific Modeling of Complex Scale Relationships: From Astronomy to Manufacturing; and the Science of Baseball.

For the future, the Section A Committee is looking for organizers and speakers who can present substantial new material to a general scientific audience. Anyone interested is invited to attend the Section A Committee meeting, which will be held from 7:30 to 10:30 PM, February 18, 2000, at the Marriott Wardman Park, Suite 8212.

Members of the mathematical sciences community can send symposium proposals for future AAAS meetings to: Warren Page, Secretary of
Section A, fax: (914) 476-6446; [email protected].

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