SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition recipients

June 11, 2007

Recipients named for first annual SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition

To recognize students for outstanding service and contributions to SIAM student chapters, the SIAM Education Committee created the SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition. The certificates were awarded for the first time this year to students who made exceptional contributions to their SIAM student chapters. The faculty advisor of each SIAM student chapter was invited to select one student to be recognized for exceptional service to the chapter. The new program was developed to recognize the importance of student contributions to creating and sustaining exciting chapters, to acknowledge the students' efforts within the greater SIAM community, and to provide something noteworthy to add to the students' records for career building.

The following students were selected by their chapter faculty advisors to receive the SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition in honor of their exceptional service to their SIAM student chapters during the 2006-2007 academic year. SIAM congratulates all of the recipients and thanks them for their contributions to the development of SIAM student chapters.

Xunyang Shen, Clarkson University (Peter R. Turner, Faculty Advisor)

Alexander Engau, Clemson University (Christopher L. Cox, Faculty Advisor)

Joseph Jailer-Coley, Columbia University (David E. Keyes, Faculty Advisor)

Emek Kose, Drexel University (Robert Boyer, Faculty Advisor)

Colton Magnant, Emory University (James Nagy and Michele Benzi, Faculty Advisors)

Kelly I. Dickson, North Carolina State University (Michael Shearer and Ralph C. Smith, Faculty Advisors)

Samuel F. Feng, Rice University (Mark Embree, Faculty Advisor)

Katherine Grzedzicki, Rochester Institute of Technology (Manuel Lopez, Faculty Advisor)

Anna Haensch, State University of New York at New Paltz (Diego Dominici, Faculty Advisor)

Curtis Wesley, Texas Tech University (Lih-Ing W. Roeger, Faculty Advisor)

Erin Munro, Tufts University (Misha Kilmer, Faculty Advisor)

Xavier Alameda, Universitat Polit´┐Żcnica de Catalunya (Jaume Franch, Faculty Advisor)

Julia Arciero, University of Arizona (Alain Goriely, Faculty Advisor)

Ronald Lok-Ming Lui, University of California, Los Angeles (Tony F. Chan, Faculty Advisor)

Christian Ketelsen, University of Colorado at Boulder (Tom Manteuffel, Faculty Advisor)

Sanghui Lee, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (Seung H. Son, Faculty Advisor)

J. Regan Beckham, University of Delaware (Richard J. Braun, Faculty Advisor)

Swati DebRoy, University of Florida (Sergei S. Pilyugin, Faculty Advisor)

Luke Owens, University of South Carolina at Columbia (Lili Ju, Faculty Advisor)

Pearl Flath, University of Texas at Austin (Todd Arbogast and Clint Dawson, Faculty Advisors)

Joshua Goldwyn, University of Washington (Loyce M. Adams, Faculty Advisor)

Angela Leo, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Suzanne L. Weekes, Faculty Advisor)

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