SUNY New Paltz Chapter Integration Bee

May 5, 2008

Chris Rigoli, a senior engineering major, works out an integral during an individual round at the SUNY New Paltz Integration Bee.

The Suny New Paltz Student Chapter of SIAM hosted its first annual Integration Bee on May 1, 2008. The event drew 20 student participants from the mathematics, engineering and education departments. Equally as impressive was the large audience turnout. The Integration Bee consisted of two types of rounds: an individual round and a lightning round. In an individual round, participants were given 2 minutes to solve an integral; which is quite nerve-wracking in and of itself, but made more so because their work was projected onto a screen for the audience to see. In a lightning round, all participants were given the same integral and the first students (of a predetermined number) to answer correctly moved on to the next round. The field was diminished to two students and then the final round was a head-to-head competition in which both competitors had the same integral to do; the first person to finish correctly won. The winners of this year's event are Kiran Kumar Megraj of the engineering department (first place) and Solomon Roberts of the mathematics department (second place).

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