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Srinivas Aluru
Bioinformatics, computational biology, computational medicine

Paul J. Atzberger
Biophysics, cellular mechanics, molecular motor proteins, stochastic analysis, fluid dynamics, numerical methods

Jacques Bélair
Nonlinear dynamics, physiological modelling, haematological regulation, drug administration

Richard Bertram
Neuroscience, endocrinology, structural biology, insulin secretion, synaptic plasticity

Joke Blom
Scientific computing, (partial) differential equations, systems biology of cells, modelling bodyplan formation, continuum modelling of biological membranes

Christoph Börgers
Neuroscience, modeling, computing, applied dynamics

David Bortz
Mathematical biology

Amitabha Bose
Dynamical systems, mathematical neuroscience

Fred Brauer
Mathematical models in epidemiology and population biology, qualitative analysis of dynamical systems

Bruce Bukiet
Math-biology, applied math, math/science education

Jean Cadet
Gene circuit models, pattern formation, transcriptional control, Drosophila melanogaster, quantitative data acquisition

Carson Chow
Nonlinear dynamics, computational neuroscience, acute inflammation, obesity, diabetes

Robert Clewley
Numerical methods for complex dynamical systems models, model estimation, neuroscience

Daniel Coombs
Immunology, biofluids, disease models

Stephen Coombes
Mathematical neuroscience, cellular signaling, nonlinear dynamics, statistical physics

Carl Cowen
Computational neuroscience

Lenore Cowen
Computational biology, structural bioinformatics, protein functional prediction

Sharon Crook
Mathematical and computational neuroscience, mathematical cell physiology

J. M. Cushing
Dynamical systems, population dynamics, ecological models

Gerda de Vries
Dynamical systems, computational cell biology, mathematical physiology and electrophysiology, modelling radiation treatment of cancer, pattern formation, education

Karin Dorman
Virus evolution, phylogenetic methods, host-pathogen interactions, lentiviruses, stochastic models

Roderick Edwards
Neural and gene networks, dynamical systems, neuromotor control, reaction-diffusion equations

Stephen Ellner
Theoretical and evolutionary ecology, infectious diseases

Greg Forest
Mathematical biology and medicine

Thomas Gedeon
Computational Neuroscience, dynamical systems

Willy Govaerts
Cell cycle, MatCont, numerical methods, dynamical systems

Larry D. Greller
Nonlinear dynamics, gene networks, reverse engineering, data-driven computational biology, predictive disease modeling

John Guckenheimer
Dynamical systems, neuroscience

Mansoor Haider
Cartilage mechanics, osteoarthritis, cell mechanics, cell-matrix interactions, tissue engineering

Lenwood S. Heath (Also see Expresso)
Functional genomics, biological networks, abiotic stress, sequence analysis, promoters

Herbert Hethcote
Epidemiology, modeling, infectious disease, vaccination, dynamics

Monica Hurdal
Analysis of functional and structural brain data including MRI, fMRI, PET, EEG, MEG; computational anatomy; conformal maps of the human brain; cortical "unfolding and flat mapping" the brain; modeling vision and the function of the visual cortex in the brain; modeling the cortical retinotopy

William L. Kath
Computational neuroscience, dendritic integration, nonlinear dynamics

Daniel L. Kern
Population biology and dynamics, modeling, (partial) differential equations, optimal control, porous media flow

Zachary Kilpatrick
Mathematical neuroscience, pattern formation, nonlinear dynamics

Denise Kirschner
Host-pathogen interactions, tuberculosis, HIV-1, Helicobacter pylori, cell-mediated immune responses, granuloma formation, spatial aspects

Peter Kramer
Stochastic models in microbiology and ecology

Michael Leyton
Generative theory of shape, process grammars, geometry of memory storage

Sharon Lubkin
Mechanobiology, biomechanics, transport, biofluid dynamics in tissues, physical forces involved in morphogenesis, disease, maintenance, and healing

Frank Lynch
Biofluid and biogel dynamics, nonlinear dynamics

Michael C. Mackey
Biomathematics, mathematical modeling, computer simulation, nonlinear dynamics, hematological disease, dynamical diseases, operon dynamics, stochastic systems

Athena Makroglou
Numerical solution, integral and integro-differential equations, applications

Ramit Mehr
Mathematical and computational immunology

Raymond Mejía 
Cell energetics, dynamical systems, mathematics in physiology, bioinformatics

Stephen Merrill
Stochastic models, immunology, assay systems

Rafael Meza
Carcinogenesis modelling, stochastic processes, dynamical systems

Laura A.Miller
Biomechanics, computational fluid dynamics, mathematical physiology

Robert M. Miura
Mathematical neuroscience, cortical spreading depression, electrical activity in excitable cells, formation of glass microelectrodes, gene expression

Brad Peercy
Cardiac electrophysiology, oxygen sensing in E.Coli, neuronal calcium

Linda Petzold
Computational science and engineering, systems biology, discrete stochastic and multiscale simulation techniques, sensitivity analysis, model reduction

Luigi Preziosi
Cancer modelling

Katarzyna A. Rejniak
Mechanics of cell growth and death, cell motility, modeling of tissue development, immersed boundary method

Michael Rempe
Computational neuroscience, numerical methods

Rosemary Renaut
Image restoration/reconstruction spectral methods, parametric imaging, computational biology

John Rinzel
Computational neuroscience, computational cell biology, dynamical systems

Marc Roussel
Model reduction, driven dynamical systems, developmental modeling, genetic and metabolic regulation, stochastic kinetics

Jonathan Rubin
Dynamical systems, computational neuroscience, inflammation

Alex Sadovsky
Biomechanics, cell signaling, wound repair, mathematical modeling, perturbation

Nick Sahindis
Computational optimization, X-ray crystallographic computing, systems biology, molecular design, informatics problems in biology and medicine

David Samuels
Computational biology, mitochondria, genetic disease, computational medicine, DNA

Angel Sanchez
Evolutionary game theory, nonlinear models in biophysics, complex networks, agent-based modelling

Evelyn Sander
Dynamical systems, differential equations, pattern formation, computational neuroscience, seizures

Santiago Schnell
Enzyme kinetics, cell signalling and metabolic regulation, protein diseases, diabetes and cancer modeling

Sebastian Schreiber

Arthur Sherman
Dynamical systems,  pancreatic beta-cells, calcium oscillations, hormone and neurotransmitter secretion, diabetes, obesity

Hal L. Smith
Microbial ecology, biofilms, dynamical systems

Eduardo D. Sontag
Mathematical principles of cell signaling and feedback, dynamical systems, control theory

Sivaguru. S. Sritharan
Fluid dynamics, stochastic analysis, control theory, classical and quantum field theory

Myong-Hee Sung
Computational systems biology of lymphocytes and cancer cells, dynamical systems modeling and simulations of gene regulatory networks, anti-cancer drug effects on targeted oncogenic pathways, T cell epitope prediction,

Peter J. Thomas
Computational cell biology, computational neuroscience

Jens Timmer
Data analysis and modeling of dynamic processes, systems biology, cell biology, tremor

Michael Trosset
Applications of multivariate statistical learning methods to problems in structural molecular biology and proteomics

John J. Tyson
Mathematical models, molecular regulatory networks, computational cell biology, cell cycle regulation, circadian oscillations, excitable media, Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction

Grace Wahba
Risk factor modeling, machine learning, genomic data

Jay R. Walton
Modeling cardiovascular disease, the mechanics of biological tissue, vascular growth and adaptation

James Watmough
Disease transmission, dispersal, differential equations

Allan Willms
Ion channel modeling, parameter estimation, robot path planning, population dynamics

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