Logo Guidelines

We have made available several versions and formats of the SIAM logo on this page to be used per the guidelines outlined below. Click on the version and format you prefer below to download. Please review the information on this page to make sure that you are following proper guidelines and using our logo appropriately. If you are unsure about your use, or would like further information, or if you require the logo in a different format, please email [email protected].

Who may use the logo?
The SIAM logo may be used with permission by institutional and organizational members, chapters or sections of SIAM. Permission may also be granted for use by individual members of SIAM.

Why use the SIAM logo?
The SIAM logo is distinctive and its appropriate use connotes quality and integrity. We encourage members to affiliate themselves with SIAM by displaying the logo. Its repeated use helps promote the organization, its programs, and its mission.

Where may the logo be used?
Since use of the logo may be perceived as an extension of SIAM or imply endorsement, we require prior approval. Examples of appropriate use may include displays, stationery, or publications. The SIAM logo may not be used without prior approval and approval will be withheld if its use is deemed inappropriate by the organization. An example of inappropriate use would be use of the logo to endorse products. SIAM reserves the right to revoke permission to use the logo if it violates the conditions of its use. One exception that does not require prior approval is SIAM student chapters. All SIAM student chapters have permission to use our unaltered logo on their websites, social media pages, as well as materials for events and general promotion. Any alteration of the logo for personalization of a school or embedded artwork or other use not in its standard form requires prior approval, however.

How should the logo be used?
The logo must be used as provided and in its entirety. The logo can be reduced or enlarged in size, but the scale should be retained. Please do not attempt to recreate the logo or edit it in any way. If the logo is to be used on a website, it should be linked to http://www.siam.org.




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