General Information

Audio-Visual Policy

Standard Audio-visual Set-up in Meeting Rooms
One LCD projector is available in each lecture hall.  Speakers must provide their own computers. Cables or adaptors for Apple computers are not supplied, as they vary for each model. Please bring your own cable/adaptor if using a Mac computer.



Wireless Internet access will be available in the meeting space on a complimentary basis.

Internet access will be available in the sleeping rooms on a complimentary basis from January 15th through January 19th. If you are extending your staying at the hotel for additional nights, posted fees will apply for Internet access  (currently 1,575 JPY per night).


Local Area

Visit for more information on Kyoto, Japan.

The average temperature in Kyoto during January varies between 30° F (-1°C) and 48° F (9°C).  Remember meeting room temperatures and personal comfort zones vary widely. It is recommended that you bring a sweater or jacket to the sessions.



Please visit for information about joining SIAM.

Poster Session

No poster session will be held at SODA12, ANALCO or ALENEX.


The following two airports are located in the vicinity: Kansai and Itami Airport. To get to the hotel, there are two options:

  1. Directly to the hotel from the airport
    MK Skygateshuttle offers a shuttle service to major Kyoto hotels.  The rate is 3,500 yen from Kansai and 2,300 yen from Itami. Travel time depends (2-3 hours, usually).  Reservation is needed before 17:00, two days in advance, at  Taxi is approximately 16,000 yen from Itami and 35,000 yen from Kansai (up to 4 people).

  2. Through Kyoto Station
    From Kansai to Kyoto Station, JR train "Haruka" (every 30 minutes, 75-min travel time, 3,000 yen for one way, 4,700 yen for round trip) is most convenient. 
    From Itami, Limousine buses (every 20 minutes, 50-min travel time, 1280 yen) are available to Kyoto station. 
    From Kyoto station to the hotel, use the complimentary hotel buses that run every 30 minutes from 9 am to 9 pm.  The bus stop is located at Kyoto Station Hachijo-Guchi exit where the bus leaves 0 and 30 minutes every hour.  For more details, see  (Limousine buses arrive on the south-side of Hachijo St some 200m to the east from the bus-stop.) The cost of a taxi is about 1,500 yen. A subway is also available.

Visa Information

Most countries in East Asia, North and South America, Europe and Oceania are using a visa waiver program.  China, Russia (including NIS countries) and India require a valid visa.  For details of Japanese visas, visit

Attendees who need visas should follow the following steps:

  1. Ask SIAM for a letter of invitation (see “Letter of Invitation” section below).

  2. Send the following information to the local conference organizer ([email protected]): Date and place of entrance to Japan, Date and place of departure from Japan, Flight numbers (if available), Schedule of stay in Japan including the name and URL address of the hotel, and the address (and phone number) of the applicant for physical mail.  Documents needed for the visa application will be sent, if all requirements are satisfied, to the applicant via business mail after the letter of invitation has been issued.

Letter of Invitation

Confirmed speakers in need of a Letter of Invitation to assist in the visa application process, please fill out the Letter of Invitation Request Form. Please allow three to four weeks for processing and delivery.

If you are not planning to present at the conference or are not yet a confirmed speaker and need a letter of invitation before acceptance notifications are sent, please fill out the form AND provide the following information to [email protected]:

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