Featured Minisymposia

Featured Minisymposia are new at CSE15.  These six sessions, solicited by the CSE15 Organizing Committee, provide overview presentations on fundamental advances in fields related to the conference themes.  Each featured minisymposium will begin with a broadly accessible introduction to the topic, followed by presentations about important advances in the area.  These sessions are a great opportunity for conference attendees to broaden their horizons and learn about important advances in areas with which they may not be fully familiar.

Big Data Analytics
Han-Wei Shen, The Ohio State University, USA

CSE Software
Hans Petter Langtangen, Simula Research Laboratory and University of Oslo, Norway

Distributed Methods for Optimization
Wotao Yin, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Fast Multipole Methods Maturing at 30 years
Lorena A. Barba,  George Washington University, USA

Modeling and Computing Complex Flows
Gretar Tryggvason, University of Notre Dame, USA

Physics-compatible Numerical Methods
Mikhail Shashkov, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA


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