Prizes and Special Lectures

Presentations from the Conference

Most of the invited and prize speaker presentations from the 2013 Conference on Control and Its Applications have been captured and are available as slides with synchronized audio. In addition there are PDF’s of the slides available for printing. View presentation slides with synchronized audio.

SIAG/Control and Systems Theory Prize and Lecture
Ricardo G. Sanfelice, University of Arizona, USA
View Presentation

SIAG/CST Best SICON Paper Prize and Lectures
Recipients of both the 2011 and 2013 Best SICON Paper Prizes will present during CT13.

2011 Recipients
SICON Paper Prize Lecture #1
“Feedback Stabilization of a Fluid-Structure Model”
Jean-Pierre Raymond, Universite Paul Sabatier Toulouse III, France

SICON Paper Prize Lecture #2
“Optimal Stopping Problem for Stochastic Differential Equations with Random Coefficients”
Mou-Hsiung Chang, United States Army, USA
Tao Pang, North Carolina State University, USA
Jiongmin Yong, University of Central Florida

2013 Recipients
SICON Paper Prize Lecture #1
“Gossip Coverage Control for Robotic Networks: Dynamical Systems on the Space of Partitions”
Francesco Bullo, University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Ruggero Carli,   University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Paolo Frasca, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

SICON Paper Prize Lecture #2
“The Total s-Energy of a Multiagent System”
Bernard Chazelle, Princeton University, USA

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