Prizes and Awards

Pierre Bézier Award

Both the 2014 and 2015 Pierre Bézier Awards will be presented during GD/SPM15.

2014 Recipient
Jarek Rossignac, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
2015 Recipient
Vadim Shapiro, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA


Best Paper Awards

The Solid Modeling Association awarded the following best paper awards during the conference.

1st Place
Secondary Laplace Operator and Generalized Giaquinta-Hildebrandt Operator with Applications on Surface Segmentation and Smoothing
Jessica Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University, USA; Xinge Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; Guoliang Xu, Academia Sinica, China; Tao Liao, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

2nd Place
Analytic Methods for Geometric Modeling Via Spherical Decomposition
Morad Behandish, University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA; Horea T. Ilies, University of Connecticut, USA

3rd Place
Generalizing Bicubic Splines for Modelling and Iga with Irregular Layout
Jörg Peters, University of Florida, USA; Kestutis Karciauskas, Vilnius University, Lithuania; Thien T. Nguyen, University of Florida, USA


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